Holiday Camps

School holiday camps allow students time to focus on their art without other distractions.

You focus on your goal of producing art to the very best of your abilities, along the way learning all the skills you will need, with one-on-one mentoring.

It's not all work, there are games and other fun activities, all designed to help turn you into an illustrator.

Our main three day camp is suitable for for 9-14 year olds.

Our junior camps are for students aged from 7-10 years.

“I was captivated by your stories all day long. It was amazing how you kept everyone's attention, from five year olds to adults.”

“I loved the way she was so relaxed and open about her own journey as an author and how her successes and failures impact on her. She really emphasised the value of trying and failing.”

“Fifi's visit was fantastic. She is such an inspiring and vivacious lady!”

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Art Camps

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Writing Camps

Sept/Oct Holidays 2024
Writing Camp
7-9 Oct 2024
Presenter: Maria Gill

Operated by Falkner Specialty Books

Operated by Falkner Specialty Books